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  • General Patrol

    Smiths Falls Police utilize three distinct methods of general patrol to effectively keep our town and its citizens safe. A combination of Mobile and Foot Patrol is used all year long and during the spring, summer and fall a Bike Patrol unit is also in operation.

    The following outlines the methods and reasons for each unique type of general patrol as provided by your Police Service.

    Mobile Patrol

    Mobile patrol is a vital and effective tool of policing and every hour of every day, members of the Smiths Falls Police Service are patrolling the streets in five fully marked police vehicles. The territory covered by the Smiths Falls Police Service extends to the town population signs at each highway entering the city. Click here for a detailed map of Smiths Falls.

    Having cruisers regularly patrolling the streets of Smiths Falls discourages those contemplating criminal activity for fear a patrol car might come around the corner at any time. As well, continuous patrol also increases the opportunity that officers can roll up and catch someone committing a criminal act.

    Mobile patrol helps to ensure a safer community as officers are already rolling when 911 emergency calls come in. Not only can officers respond rapidly to a crime in progress, but also to medical and fire emergency calls where they can render immediate assistance while Ambulance and Fire are being dispatched.

    It is for these reasons that the Smiths Falls Police Service considers Mobile Patrol one of its primary functions and will continue to make it a priority.

    Foot Patrol

    Foot patrol has been around since the beginning of policing and is still consider a vital and integral part of any police service. All year round, members of the Smiths Falls Police Service actively patrol the town's tourist areas, shopping malls, schoolyards, and downtown streets.

    Foot patrol has been shown to improve the overall feeling of safety within a community and for good reason. The visibility of officers on foot patrol, especially in problem areas is often a strong deterrent to criminal activity. The flip side is that officers on foot can often approach or "sneak up" on suspicious persons and activities.

    Another great benefit of foot patrol is that it helps promote interaction between officers and members of the community that encourages information flow. This information can often enable officers to be proactive with problems before they become crimes.

    It is for these reasons that the Smiths Falls Police Service considers Foot Patrol one of its primary functions and will continue to make it a priority.

    Bicycle Patrol

    Smiths Falls Police Service launched a Bicycle Patrol program in 2000 with the support of Smiths Falls Crime Stoppers. Currently the Service operates with a dedicated Bike Unit throughout the spring, summer and fall. The service has two fully equipped police bicycles.

    The bicycles have proven to be a valuable tool, enabling officers to respond rapidly and effectively to calls for service in areas where cruisers would be at a disadvantage. The bicycles also provide officers with the ability to ride up quickly and often un-expectantly on suspicious persons and activities. As well, persons fleeing police on foot can generally not out run an officer on a bicycle.

    Bicycle patrol is also of great benefit for public events such as concerts, sporting events, festivals, road races and other large gathering, enabling officers to move quickly and effectively through large crowds.

    It is for these reasons that the Smiths Falls Police Service considers Bicycle Patrol one of its primary functions and will continue to make it a priority.








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