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    5 Making Your Views Known

    As a victim of a violent crime, you have the right to have your views heard during the offender's sentencing hearing. Under the Criminal Code, you have the right to complete a Victim Impact Statement, which must then be considered by the sentencing judge. In a victim impact statement, you may write about the act of violence that caused your injuries, and how it continues to affect your life (physically, emotionally, financially). Here's how you can obtain a victim impact statement.
    1. Following your victimization, the police officer investigating your crime may ask you if you would like to complete a victim impact statement.
    2. If you were not presented with this choice, call the police station, and ask to speak to the officer investigating your victimization. Ask the police officer if you can complete a victim impact statement.
    3. You will then be provided with a blank statement on which you can record your thoughts.

    Step 6 Going to Court

    1. Seek Immediate Medical and Police Aid
    2. Your Involvement with the Police
    3. Seek Advice and Ongoing Assistance
      3.1 Victim Witness Assistance Program (VWAP)
      3.2 Victim Support Line (VSL)
      3.3 Sexual Assault / Rape Crisis Centers (SAC)
      3.4 Interval House
      3.5 Emergency Legal Advice
      3.6 Compensation
      3.7 Child Witnesses
    4. Information About the Criminal Justice System
    5. Making Your Views Known
    6. Going to Court
    7. The trial is finished, now what?
    8. The offender has become eligible for parole. What can I do?







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